Selasa, 05 Januari 2016


It's hard to think about doing anything at all when it's rainy, freezing, and grey. I wish the sunshine we had last week would come back.


Yesterday I took my Balenciaga 'Astrogirl' boots for a spin. I say Astrogirl because thats what Chauss always calls these boots....I like that name for them. They're from Pre Fall 2008. I flipped over these boots when I saw them. Don't you love Luxirare's version in white?

Worn with my beloved asymmetrical leather pleated Ivan Grundahl skirt, a fur vest from Zara, vintage sequined belt, and a J. Crew gold chain bracelet.

DSC_0329.jpg picture by seaofshoez

And don't I look so much like Gollum!

Sorry for the slowdown in updates...I've had a busy week and a broken computer. Technology really wears me out.

Liquid Alchemy

(Shirt: Gap / Pants: Banana Republic / Boots: Sweet Years / Bag: Zara)

I have always had an extreme fascination with parking garages, especially at night. The smooth, even concrete coupled with harsh white lightning from excessive street lights creates an amazing night time setting with all the effects of day time photography.

I am definitely feeling up these Sweet Years boots, along with pretty much any combat boot for that matter. Simply put, they are the most versatile shoes in my arsenal and have the most lasting power with my wardrobe overall. Worn extremely tight for that strong prescence kind of look with the not too tight skinny jean, almost a uniform/militaristic look, or worn loose and unlaced for a very ragged approach with a super skinny jean and black shirt.

I'm still adjusting to being in front of the camera instead of behind it so bear with me as I learn to pose myself and really "work" what I'm wearing. It's something I'm not 100% comfortable with yet, so I tend to come out awkward and very spidery-like in most of the shots. Overall however, I feel this outfit tackles the aspects I am trying to achieve this Fall with my wardrobe. Strong masculine statement pieces coupled with sharp edges, and loosely worn "skinny" pants. I am definitely looking forward to experimentation with these shoes.

A night out on the town proved to be fun as well. Drinks and dancing, ending promptly with a late night photoshoot and blog entry.

glass jaw.

Fall has arrived in many places, alas not quite yet in Florida. I still have another month or two before I can comfortably wear this look out in the day, but for now I will have to be a night owl in order to break in this heavy leather jacket with in-lining hoodie and epaulet/studding detail. Keith Haring designs cover my graphic tee from Zara, another great recent purchase, coupled fittingly with Nike Hi-Tops and tattered Banana Republic skinny black jeans.

My best friend has been largely influenced and very dedicated to the world of fashion blogging for some time and with some pressure, has pushed me into starting a fashion blog directed towards men's fashion. So with that allow me to state I will probably never advise men or women who wish to dress other men on what is good and what is gaudy. Instead, I will simply post looks and things I happen to like from one day to another out of my own closet.

As of late, I am living in motorcycle cut jeans, heavy belts, thermal shirts, esoteric graphic tee's, and wine colored square toed boots.

I am very excited to be a part of the fashion blogging world and look forward to publishing more looks for men and the women who want to dress the men in their lives.